Company Overview

Sciformatix offers a unique set of services to assist organizations in assessing, conceiving, and developing and delivering high-quality software solutions and components. Among the many areas of expertise offered by Sciformatix are:

  • Software Engineering / Development
  • Advanced Web Applications
  • Software Solutions Architecture
  • Data Visualization
  • Software Engineering Processes
  • Business Analysis

Services Overview

Software Engineering / Development

Software Development and Software Engineering are interrelated, but represent different areas of focus, with Software Engineering representing a superset of Software Development. Both are important. more…

Advanced Web Applications

Advanced web applications leverage newer technologies and capabilities to provide advanced functionality for users, such as responsive user experience and performance, multimedia presentations, accessibility for disabled users, offline functionality, and leverages cloud computing platforms. more…

Software Solutions Architecture

An effective software architecture is vital to the success of a software solution and can deliver a wide variety of benefits, including cost savings, greater timeliness, higher quality deliverables, and accommodations for future modifications and extensions. more…

Data Visualization

Data visualization helps users to analyze and reason about data and evidence, making complex data more accessible, understandable and usable. more…

Software Engineering Processes

A software engineering process, scoped and practiced effectively, will enhance an organization’s ability to deliver higher quality products on a timely basis with efficient cost containment. more…

Business Analysis

An effective business analysis will identify business needs and help to determine software solutions that will address business needs, along with prospective process improvements and organizational adjustments. more…