Business Analysis

What is “Business Analysis” for a Software Initiative?

As it relates to a software initiative, business analysis is used to identify business needs (requirements) and determine software solutions that will address business needs. An analysis is not only specific to software solutions, but commonly also propose process improvements and organizational adjustments. Conclusions from a business analysis must be documented and made available as a communications vehicle for the organization.

Participants/Stakeholders Involved in a Business Analysis

Several key roles and stakeholders should participate in the business analysis process, and optional roles may also be involved, as applicable. Key roles include:

  • Business Analyst
  • Leadership from organizations being served
  • Users
  • Software Engineering & Software Quality Assurance (SQA)
  • Systems Administration & Operations
  • Regulatory & Quality Agencies, as applicable

Business Analysis Techniques

A wide variety of business analysis techniques can be applied to a given analysis, with the following list naming a few:

  • MoSCoW
  • MOST
  • SWOT
  • Five Whys
  • Heptalysis

How Can Sciformatix Help?

Sciformatix professionals have extensive experience with business analyses, leading to successful software solution deliverables. And, Sciformatix professionals can served in different roles in working with an organization to ensure a successful business analysis process.

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