Data Visualization

What is Data Visualization?

Computers are great at crunching number and working with gobs of data. We humans, on the other hand, are less effective at making sense out of raw data. Instead, humans are more effective at absorbing data graphically or pictorially. The graphical or pictorial representation of data is known as “Data Visualization” and the focus of data visualization is to produce images from raw data that communicate relationships from representative data and enable decision makers to grasp concepts or identify patterns. In other words, data visualization can turn datasets, large and small, into visuals that make it easier for a human brain to understand and process.

Different Forms of Data Visualization

There are many forms of data visualization. Some of the more common forms include:

  • Business Graphs and Charts (e.g., bar graphs, line graphs, scatter plots, bubble charts, etc.)
  • Set Diagrams (e.g., Venn diagrams, R-diagrams, etc.)
  • Geographical Maps with Population (e.g., penetration by area, growth patterns, preferences by territory, etc.)
  • Genetic/Genomic Mapping (e.g., assembly mapping, expression comparison, chord diagram, gene starburst)
  • Interactive scenarios (e.g., drilldowns for greater detail)

Potential Benefits from Data Visualization

Numerous benefits can be derived from data visualization, as effective visualization helps users to analyze and reason about data and evidence, making complex data more accessible, understandable and usable. With quality data visualization, people and organizations can:

  • Improve decision making or validation
  • Convey concepts in a consistent, universal, and digestible manner
  • Discover unknown facts and trends
  • Identify areas requiring attention or improvement
  • Clarify factors that influence human behavior
  • Assist in predicting trends
  • Guide campaigns or product placements

How Can Sciformatix Help?

Sciformatix professionals have the knowledge and skills to translate complex data and evidence into data visualization models that will help executives, managers, and operational professionals to experience the benefits of data visualization.

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