Software Engineering/Development

Software Development Versus Software Engineering

Astute software leaders and professionals understand the related areas of Software Development and Software Engineering. While the terms are similar and interrelated, there are differences in their areas of focus and expected deliverables. Software Development is often narrowly focused on the implementation (development) of software code, while Software Engineering represents the application of broader engineering principles to the software development process.

The Core Focus of Software Development

Software Development is often narrowly focused on the implementation (development) of software code, while following prescribed software development standards and principles. A given software development objective or task may involve the creation of new software, revisions to existing software, and/or the removal of some software code. In a pure software development environment, it is typical that requirements are provided to software developers, where the developers are evaluated on their ability to meet prescribed requirements across a timeline. In some cases, developers will additionally participate in some aspects of requirements definition/refinement, software design, and test case development.

The Broad Coverage of Software Engineering

Software Engineering is a superset of Software Development, representing the application of broader engineering principles, in a systematic way, to the overall software development process. Software engineers are responsible for ensuring a solid foundation for a software system, including reliability and scalability, and software engineering can be instrumental in determining the level of flexibility, extensibility, and maintainability of a software system. Software engineering covers concept-to-deployment, including:

  • Requirements Development
  • Architectural Design
  • Detailed (Internal) Design
  • Test Suite/Case Development
  • Implementation (Development)
  • Code Review
  • Deployment Engineering

How Can Sciformatix Help?

Sciformatix professionals have broad and deep experiences with software engineering practices, including more narrowly focused software development. With the range of capabilities at Sciformatix, your organization can rely on Sciformatix for an entire software engineering process or selected portions.

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