Software Solutions Architecture

What is Software Architecture?

Software Engineering leaders and professionals understand that a prudent software architecture is vital to the success of a meaningful software engineering effort. A software architecture pertains to the fundamental structures, composition and organization of a software system and the discipline of creating sound software systems. Additionally, a successful software architecture will address the needs of pertinent stakeholders, including business managers/owners, users/operators, system administrators, other software engineering teams, and partners. An effective software architecture often possesses a combination of the following elements:

  • Identification of necessary components;
  • Logical organization of components;
  • Scaffolding for combining components together into a viable system;
  • Interfaces between components, including both internal and external interfaces;
  • Overall plans by which the software system can be designed and implemented; and
  • Diagrammatic representations of the entire architecture and its components.

Together, the architectural elements provide a blueprint for the software system, much like the blueprint of a building to be constructed.

Why is Software Architecture Important?

As with the architecture of a building, such as a skyscraper, a sound software solutions architecture delivers a model that is representative of the end product, a model that can be produced relatively quickly and far less expensively than the targeted software system. Having such a model provides the ability to review the model before the product is built and enables the opportunity to make revisions before engaging in costly software development activities.

Before engaging in the detailed design and construction of a building, an architectural model helps to flesh out expectations for the building among its stakeholders, mitigate the risk of damage or destruction, and reduce or eliminate the need to reconstruct the building or some portions of it. Similarly, a software architecture helps paves the way for delivery of a successful software system. Some key benefits of a sound software architecture include:

  • Reduced development time and resources;
  • Risk mitigation;
  • Improved communications for, and with, stakeholders;
  • Higher quality deliverable;
  • Greater maintainability; and
  • A software system that can be extended and modified to accommodate future needs and technologies.

What are the Characteristics of an Outstanding Software Architecture?

As with anything else, a software architecture can vary in quality. The absence of a software architecture can lead to chaos during software design & implementation and can lead to endless development timelines, a delivered solution that fails to meet the needs of its stakeholders, and/or a product that must be re-implemented. A poor software architecture can be worse, leading to greater chaos and more costly efforts. A solid software architecture, on the other hand, achieves benefits mentioned previously. Characteristics of an outstanding software architecture include the following:

  • It possesses domain concepts that are pertinent to, and can be understood by, stakeholders.
  • It captures early design choices.
  • Subsystems are identified and organized.
  • Requirements for flexibility, scalability, extensibility, and modifiability are reflected.
  • Internal and external interfaces are indicated.

How Can Sciformatix Help?

Sciformatix professionals have extensive experience with developing software architectures and can be enlisted to prepare a new software architecture, modify the specifications of an existing software architecture, or merely review an existing software architecture for soundness. Sciformatix can help your organization to arrive at an architecture that delivers the many important benefits and serves as a precursor to successful design and development of a desired software solution.

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